Who's Behind the Counter?

Have you ever wondered who's behind your local pharmacy counter? Depending on the pharmacy, the employees may be wearing different coloured coats indicating their position: pharmacy technician (or assistant), and pharmacist. 

What is the difference between a pharmacy technician and a pharmacist?

Pharmacy technicians will handle the intake of your prescription, entering the script into your profile, and making your medication. Pharmacists are medication experts and will make sure that this medication is right for you and your health. Pharmacy technicians may be able to help you with drug plan information, dispensing costs,etc. but they are not to be confused with pharmacists. With the expanded scope of practice and changes in pharmacy services, more and more pharmacy technicians are becoming registered. This means that pharmacy technicians are developing their skills and increasing their knowledge in pharmacy practices. 

Although pharmacy technicians are vital to the working pharmacy, pharmacists provide many services such as medication review and proper medication counselling.The new scope of practice in Nova Scotia pharmacies allows pharmacists to provide certain injections as well as medication renewals and prescribing for minor ailments.  
Members of your pharmacy team are filled with a wealth of knowledge to guide their clients on the best possible path for their health and well being. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians advocate for your health everyday to provide the best possible service available.