The Future of Pharmacy: How to Disrupt Ourselves

Christy Cheung, PhC & Futurist

Christy Cheung is a UBC graduate, Class of 2019. She has an interest in digital health and innovation and a passion to disrupt pharmacy from within the profession. As a second-year student, she participated in UBC's Hatching Health competition, a hackathon that brings together engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals to tackle challenges in the field. She has since gone on to work with Molecular You Corp., a member of Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster, offering pharmacy perspectives for the company's digital health platform. During her school years, she collaborated with a faculty member, Dr. Alan Low, to pioneer pharmacogenomics consultation services at BioPro Biologics Pharmacy, and to engage patients in a rheumatoid arthritis and biologics pharmacogenomics clinical study. Christy is forward-thinking and understands that the pharmacy profession needs fresh perspectives. With the advancement of technology and key players like Amazon making their mark in the industry, pharmacy is undoubtedly evolving. Christy hopes to inspire change among her colleagues, so that they are better equipped to adapt to the dynamic environment and to leverage the latest technology to improve patient care.


The entire healthcare industry is being disrupted, the pharmacy profession being no exception, and, in fact, it is, and will continue to be radically transformed in the years to come. Where does that leave us? Are we to be replaced by technological advancements? If not, how do we effectively adapt to this change? This presentation shares a new graduate’s ongoing journey to break through the barriers of tradition and to innovate within pharmacy.


Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an appreciation for the role of technology in healthcare
  • Understand the current landscape of digital health and innovation
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself as a pharmacy student or practicing pharmacist