LifeScan Platinum Symposium: Optimizing Diabetes Pharmacy Consutlations in the Digital Age

Michelle Stewart, PhC

Michelle Stewart became a pharmacist in 2009 but insists that she truly began practicing pharmacy years later, when she hired Ashley Potter RPT. As a preceptor for three assistants bridging to the role of Pharmacy Technician, Michelle had every opportunity to understand the potential of a pharmacy team with technical support. On the Westside of New Glasgow in rural Nova Scotia that potential is being realized and the benefits of this model exceed what was only a notion a few years ago.  In appreciation for the opportunities afforded to her through Technician support, Michelle aims to provide Nova Scotia's RPTs with practice resources to prevent dispensing errors.


Learning Objectives

  1. Review the 2018 Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines to provide practical management of diabetes for self-management education (SME) with self-management support (SMS)
  2. Apply the use of self-management of blood glucose (SMBG) devices and mobile applications for diabetes management to facilitate in decision making, as well as improvements in healthy behaviors and clinical outcomes. 
  3. Outline how pharmacists can play a key role in optimizing care for diabetes patients by using technological aids to efficiently manage time during consultations.