Pharmacists at the Frontline of the Digital Health Revolution

Patti Ryan

Patricia Ryan is the CEO, Health QR Inc. Prior to founding Health QR, Patricia enjoyed a 25-year career in the healthcare system.  She left her position with the Nova Scotia Department of Health to create a solution that helps people digitally access their personal health information and better manage their health. 

Inspired by the real life stories of people who fought to gain access to their health information to battle and survive a terminal diagnosis, Patricia is an ardent advocate for the connected patient. Those stories are still what drives her and guides the development of digital health solutions that connect patients to their medication profile.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Patricia has been living in Nova Scotia for over 20 years.


Consumer apps will disrupt healthcare and pharmacists are at the front line of that change. While healthcare apps are still relatively new and consumer adoption is not yet mainstream, the ecosystem is quickly changing. Pharmacists in particular need to pay close attention to the trends in consumer app behaviour. As healthcare providers working in a retail environment, pharmacists are at the intersection of changing retail expectations and consumer adoption of digital health apps. This can be an incredible opportunity for pharmacy to respond to the needs of healthcare consumers and lead the way in digital health adoption.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the prevalence of digital health applications among the patient population today and into the future.
  • Identify the range of uses for digital health tools to meet the rapidly changing needs of the patient.
  • Critically evaluate opportunities to enable connectivity between digital health applications and pharmacy.