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Feb, 2014
Pharmacy Awareness Month 2014 - Immunizations

Article: Immunizations – Convenient, Quick and Close

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Feb, 2014
Pharmacy Awareness Month 2014 - Medication Reviews

Medication Reviews are an excellent opportunities to review your medications (prescription and over the counter) in a private, confidential and uninterrupted session with a medication specialist.

There are two types of Medication Reviews that are offered by pharmacists in Nova Scotia: Basic and Advanced.

Basic Medication Review

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Feb, 2014
Pharmacy Awareness Month 2014 - Chronic Health Conditions

Your pharmacist can play a valuable role in helping you manage your Chronic Health Condition.

Article: Chronic Health Conditions – Your Pharmacist Can Help

It can be overwhelming when you are diagnosed with a chronic health condition such as asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure. New medications and recommendations for changes in lifestyle can lead to confusion. Your pharmacist is one of the healthcare professionals in this province that can help make sense of it all and help get – and keep – you on the road to good health.

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Jan, 2014
Pharmacy Awareness Month 2014 - Minor Ailments

Pharmacists in Nova Scotia can assess and prescribe for 31 minor ailments. They are:

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Dec, 2013
Minor Ailment Assessments Marketing Materials
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Oct, 2013
Get Your Flu Shot!

Here is a list of the pharmacies in Nova Scotia can provide you with your flu shot this year (2013).

To view the list, please click here.

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Sep, 2013

Here are the responses to the questionnaire sent to the three major political parties who are running in the 2013 Nova Scotia Election.

2013 Election Questions

Liberal Response

NDP Response

PC Response

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Sep, 2013
Nova Scotia Election 2013

Nova Scotians will head to the polls on Tuesday,  October 8. PANS has put together some information for our members who are deciding on how they will mark their ballot.

All three parties have been sent questionnaires on issues related to pharmacy in this province. Their responses will  appear in the Saturday, September 28 edition of the Chronicle Herald and on this page.


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