Adult Obesity: Managing Chronic Disease

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Adult Obesity:  Managing Chronic Disease may be taken as a stand alone course or as part of the larger Managing Chronic Disease Course.  Pre-requistites for this course, include the courses Behavior Change Counselling and Care Plans Process.  These two modules must be complete before proceeding the modules on Obesity. 

 This program was authored by Leslee Ellsmere BSc Pharm, CDE, CBE  and reviewed by Kari Ellen Graham BSc Pharm, CDE, updated by Stacy Smith 2021

Upon completion of this program, Pharmacists will be able to:

• Describe the multifactorial pathophysiology of obesity as a chronic disease

• Explain the rationale for its management

• Discuss weight bias and its effect on the management of obesity

• Compare the pharmacotherapy options for management of obesity

• Provide education to patients regarding obesity including medication therapy


Accreditation:  1.5 CEU (Expiring April 4th, 2022), Accredited by Dalhousie Continuing Pharmacy Education

Behavior Change (1.5 CEU)  and Care Plans Process (1.5 CEU) are also included for a total of 4.5 CEU.  If accredited, a certificate will be issued.