BCPhA Travel Medicine Program for Pharmacists

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In collaboration with BCPhA and Dr. Fawziah Marra Lalji, we are pleased to offer an online training program on travel medicine for pharmacists.  

The BCPhA Travel Medicine Program builds on the knowledge from the basic immunization competency program, with a much greater focus on diseases and conditions related to travel.  The goal of this course is to help pharmacists prepare to conduct pre-travel risk assessments, provide travel advice around prevention, immunization, chemoprophylaxis, and self-treatment, as well as recognize post-travel infections and refer to specialists or emergency care when necessary.  This program can be used to support pharmacists that are preparing to write the ISTM Certificate in Travel Health Exam.  Further information about this Certification can be found at www.istm.org.   

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This program consists of 10 modules, with short quizzes at the end of each module, followed by a 73-question multiple choice exam.  

Please note:  This program was CCCEP accredited for 32.5 CEUs. (CCCEP file # 1092-2015-1385-I-P), however accreditation has now expired.  PANS and BCPhA are working on having this program re-accredited and will update this page if accrediation is available.

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