Committee Members 2020
Candice Norton
Curtis Chafe
Fady Faltas
Ghada Gabr
Nadine Grimm
Jamie Flynn
Joel Cock
Paul Warren
Rowan Sarty
Sarah Abidali
Allison Harvey
Jane Parmiter
Ellen Duffy

Committee Mandate

Policy Statement

The Board of Directors of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia (PANS) recognizes the importance of promoting the profession of pharmacy in Nova Scotia to the public.  Matters relating to public relations shall be assigned by the Board to the Public Relations Committee, whose mandate is set out below:

Overall Accountability

The Public Relations Committee will be composed of at least three members of PANS.  The Chair of the Committee shall be a member of the Board of Directors of PANS.  A quorum of the Committee is a majority of its members.  The Committee shall meet at least three (3) times per year.  The Public Relations Committee shall:

(1)    Promote the profession of pharmacy  and the PANS to the public in Nova Scotia;

(2)    Develop a revolving 3 year public relations plan and budget for approval by the Board of Directors;

(3)    Provide strategic direction to management in the development and execution of specific annual objectives to achieve the public relations plan approved by the Board of Directors;

(4)    Develop public communication plans for new services and programs being introduced by PANS or pharmacy and coordinate with the Membership and Pharmacy Practice Committees to ensure alignment of such plans with roll-out of new services to members and the public;

(5)    Develop and maintain a list of pharmacists and pharmacy organizations that can be called upon to assist with various public relations campaigns and media requests;

(6)    Complete such other assignments related to public relations as directed by the Board of Directors;

(7)    Periodically review the mandate of the Committee and make any recommended changes to the Board.

REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: The Committee shall report on its activities at each regular Board meeting and annually at each annual general meeting.