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The Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia (PANS) is the advocacy body for pharmacists in Nova Scotia. PANS represents pharmacists in all pharmacy disciplines, including community, hospital, academic, government and corporate.  Membership in PANS gives you access to up-to-date information about the profession of pharmacy, pharmacist tools, a variety of discounts, and the opportunity to grow and strengthen your profession.

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Please Note : If you are already a PANS member, your account has been transferred to the new website. You can create a new password by clicking here.

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Creating Account / Membership Options

Once you have created an account, you will have the ability to apply to become a PANS member.

Step One : Please fill out the appropriate information on the form in your Member Profile page. 

Step Two : Upon receiving your application, a PANS administrator will approve your request. You will be notified when this is done.

Step Three : Purchase your desired membership level to complete the registration process, found through your Member Profile page.


Step Four  - NSCP Number : If you are obtaining a PANS membership for the first time then you likely have not yet been assigned a NSCP (Nova Scotia Collage of Pharmacy) #. If this is the case then you can leave the NSCP # field blank. You can login to your PANS account and update this information once it has been assigned by NSCP. 

Step Five : Once you have paid for your membership, a receipt will be immediately generated and an automatic notice will be sent to the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists and Wilson  Insurance/Aviva  Insurance Company of Canada notifying them that you are now an active member of PANS and that you have obtained the required liability insurance. To obtain your Insurance Certificate, please contact us at


Welcome to the Team!

The website will allow you to renew your membership online, safely, and securely. Note: Once your account has been approved by PANS it is important that you keep your profile up to date at all times. You can do so by logging into the PANS website and clicking on the blue “My Account” menu item in the top right corner. Click on the “edit” tab and then the "Account", "Member Information", or "PANS Member Profile" buttons accordingly.

Choosing a PANS membership now gives you the added benefit of belonging to CPhA. With this comes significant savings on CPhA Courses.



Note: PANS Membership and Insurance is non-refundable.