Assessing and Prescribing for Prescription Renewals

The pharmacist will do an assessment to determine if it is safe and effective for you to continue to take the medication(s). If appropriate, the pharmacist will prescribe renewals (refills) for your medication(s) for up to 12 months.  The assessment will involve a discussion with you and, in some cases, conducting tests (such as taking your blood pressure or conducting a point of care test).  Your pharmacist may review any relevant lab test results. If necessary, they may adapt or substitute your therapy during the renewal process. In some cases, it may be determined that your pharmacist does not have enough information to renew your prescription.  If, after your consultation with your pharmacist, they determine a physical assessment is required by another healthcare provider, you may be referred to a physician or nurse practitioner.   

Your pharmacist will document the care your receive and discuss a follow-up plan with you.

Your pharmacist will send your primary care provider (or specialist) a notice of what they have prescribed.  If you do not have a primary care provider, your pharmacist can provide you with a copy of this notification.  

This service is covered with your NS Health card up to 4 times per year.  

Note:  Pharmacists may assess and renew for narcotic and controlled drugs and substances, however there are limitations on the amounts that can be prescribed.  The pharmacist will do an assessment to determine if it is appropriate to renew and in what quantity.

*Length of prescription refills authorized by the pharmacist will be based on assessment.