Chronic Disease Management (Heart Health, Lung Health, Diabetes, and more)

 This service is free with a valid Nova Scotia Health Card at your local Community Pharmacy Primary Care Clinic. Click Here to book an appointment.



There are many ways pharmacists can help patients manage their Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, COPD, Chronic Pain, Mental Health, High Blood Pressure and other Cardiovascular/Heart issues.

Pharmacists :

  • Are a valuable source of information on your disease and the medications you are taking
  • They can provide guidance as your disease progresses
  • They monitoring for changes and can provide advice and adapt your treatments based on those changes
  • They can suggest non-medical approaches to dealing with your disease, such as lifestyle changes
  • They can provide device training (e.g. how to use a device that tests your blood sugar)
  • They can conduct Medication Reviews and developing actions plans with you to achieve your health goals
  • They collaborate with other Health Care Professionals
  • They provide guidance on taking medications regularly and appropriately


Pharmacy Services:

Care Plans that are specific to your medical condition

Preventative Services and Health Coaching

Medication Reviews


Helpful Online Resources for Patients:

Nova Scotia Heart and Stroke Foundation

Heart Disease Risk Calculator

Health Canada - Information on Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes Canada

ABCs of Diabetes by Evans Health Lab

Asthma Society of Canada

The Lung Association

The Arthritis Society

Canadian Digestive Health Foundation