#inDISPENSEable Contest 2017

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians play vital roles in providing comprehensive health care to Nova Scotians. They work in many different environments and play many roles, many of which you may not have heard about but which probably have improved your life or the life of a loved one. 

Pharmacists dispense medications but they do so much more as well. In community pharmacies, pharmacists provide immunizations, public education sessions, and advice on medications. They assess and prescribe for a number of ailments, provide travel health advice, provide counselling for patients who have diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and much more.

In hospitals, pharmacists play important roles in developing health plans and medication therapies for patients with a variety of medical issues including patients with kidney failure and on dialysis, patients having surgeries, patients having organ transplants, pregnant women and breast feeding mothers, patients who are having chemotherapy, patients who have multiple-medical conditions and patients who are at the end of their life and require extra special care.

They are #inDISEPENSEable.

Tell us about your pharmacist by entering our contest and you could win a $2,500 travel gift card.

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