Don't Know Where to Get a Prescription Renewed? Think Pharmacy.

Dartmouth, NS - Patients in Nova Scotia who do not have a family doctor or who may not be able to get to their doctor and need a prescription renewed have more options than ever before. Pharmacists in Nova Scotia can renew or extend prescriptions for their patients for many types of medications for up to 90 days, as needed.

Medications that may be renewed include such things as birth control, those used to treat chronic conditions like hypertension, COPD and diabetes, and more. Pharmacists may not renew opioid prescriptions and may only renew the prescription once. When providing a renewal, the pharmacist must assess their patient to ensure there has been no change in their health and the renewal must be for the same drug, dose and frequency as previously written.

"Pharmacists have the training, experience and scope of practice to do more than ever before. We can help to alleviate the effects of the current physician shortage and help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Nova Scotia health care system," says Allison Bodnar, CEO of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia (PANS). "We want patients to think pharmacy services."

Pharmacists are Nova Scotia's most accessible health care providers. Pharmacies are located in almost every community across the province and Nova Scotians visit their pharmacy about 24 times per year. By expanding pharmacy's role in primary care, Government can provide Nova Scotians with convenient, cost effective and accessible heath care close to home.

"Pharmacists are here to help," says Rose Dipchand, Chair of the Board of Directors of PANS. "The evidence shows not only can we help patients improve their health, but pharmacy services can help Government contain health care costs. As taxpayers and patients, we should all want Government to invest in pharmacy services."

Renewing prescriptions is one of the many services pharmacists can offer. Other pharmacy services include assessing and prescribing for minor ailments (such as cold sores, rash and sore throat), injections, smoking cessation, and chronic illness management.

The cost and availability of services vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. These costs must be paid for by patients as they are not covered by MSI. In some limited cases, the cost may be covered by private health plans.

About the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia

The Pharmacy Association (PANS) is the voice of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in Nova Scotia. Its mission is to support the professional and economic interests of its members to advance the practice of pharmacy and improve the health of Nova Scotians.

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