Thank you, Pharmacy: March is Pharmacy Appreciation Month


Thank you, Pharmacy: March is Pharmacy Appreciation Month

February 29, 2024

“Pharmacy teams are providing more patient care than ever before,” says Allison Bodnar, CEO of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia. “This Pharmacy Appreication Month we want to celebrate them.”

The role of pharmacy in Nova Scotia has changed dramatically over the past few years. “Since pharmacy teams stepped up during Covid-19 to provide vaccinations, the public has seen pharmacy services in a whole new way,” says Laurie Deal, Chair of the PANS Board of Directors.

With additional scope of practice for pharmacists in the province, including Community Pharmacy Primary Care Clinics (CPPCC), pharmacists continue to be the most accessible healthcare provider.

However, as with all healthcare professions in the province, pharmacy teams are currently dealing with staff shortages and burn out. “It is difficult to work in healthcare right now,” says Pam Kennedy, Pharmacist and pharmacy owner in Bridgewater, NS, “but that doesn’t mean it’s not rewarding. My team is part of the CPPCC project and we are overjoyed with how we can support patients in our community.”

Teamwork does indeed make the dream work. Bodnar continues, “There is a lot that goes on in a pharmacy that the public may not realize. It takes a strong team to make pharmacy services possible.” A pharmacy team is made up of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants. Pharmacists provide clinical oversight to dispensing and perform a variety of primary care health services. Pharmacy technicians fulfill the technical role of dispensing medications, providing injections, and counselling on medical devices. Pharmacy assistants manage the administrative role of pharmacy from entering prescriptions to managing appointments.

The public is encouraged to celebrate their pharmacy team by entering the BEST TEAM EVER CONTEST. The pharmacy team that receives the most nominations will be named Best Team Ever 2024 and will win $500. Nominators will be entered in a draw to win $500 too.

“I’ve been asked what the public could do for Pharmacy Appreciation Month,” says Bodnar. “I think it’s really simple. Be patient and understanding of pharmacy teams. They are doing their best for you and your family. And say thank you - that goes a long way.”

It certainly does. “Pharmacy teams are rock stars. They are essential members of the healthcare system. I am so proud to represent pharmacy professionals in Nova Scotia. Thank you, Pharmacy!” says Deal.

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