Honourary Membership

This award recognizes outstanding and significant service to pharmacy in Nova Scotia or elsewhere, particularly as it applies to the stated objectives of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia. This award may be conferred on any member of the Association with all the privileges of Active Membership. Such a person shall have all the privileges of Active Membership but shall have no right to vote or hold office. Honorary Membership nominations may be made by any member of the Association directed to the Membership and Governance Committee. Honorary Membership shall only be conferred by the Board of Directors and shall be presented at the Annual Meeting.

Previoius Winners: 
  • 1980 J. Keith Lawton
  • 1985 William G. Wilson
  • 1985 Robert S. Tonks
  • 1987 John J. Ryan
  • 1988 David K. Yung
  • 1999 Leroy Fevang
  • 2008 Elizabeth Foy