Pharmacist of the Year


The Member of the Year Award is designed to honour a member of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia who has demonstrated an active interest in the promotion of the profession of pharmacy by personal example and by participating in endeavors having a direct impact on the profession. Extensive community involvement promoting pharmacy is helpful but is not a pre-requisite.


The award is open to any active member of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia. The award shall be in an appropriate form accompanied by a certificate. It is to be awarded for performance over any period of time and is not restricted to performance in the year during which the award is presented


The winner of the award is to be determined by the Board of Directors on receipt of a report by the Membership and Governance Committee. This report shall be based on nominations submitted by the members. The call for nominations shall go out at least four weeks prior to the Board Meeting at which the winner is named.


Past Winners

1986 Chris D.A. Nolan

1989 Byron G. Sarson

1999 John J. McNeil

2000 Janelle M. Gray

2001 Frank D. Spriggs

2002 Reginald J. Dalrymple

2003 Michele Lycett

2004 John Burgess

2005 Earl Morgan

2006 Susan Beresford

2008 John McNeil

2010 Kathryn Slayter

2011 Glenn Rodrigues

2012 Michael Hatt

2013 Jennifer Buffett

2014 Susan Bowles

2015 Michelle Stewart

2016 Devin Covey

2017 Janet MacMullin

2018 Robin Ogilvie

2019 Dale Turner

2020 Darlene Chisholm

2021 Michael McIntyre