Six Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

Your health is important.

To get the most of your healthcare and pharmacy experience, it is essential that you form a strong healthcare team. Your pharmacist is an important part of this team.

Another important member of this team is YOU.

The better you engage with your healthcare team, the better they can understand your unique story and help you to meet YOUR health goals.

Developing a strong relationship with a pharmacist you trust can transform your health. Make the most of your relationship by engaging some of the many clinical services pharmacies now offer, and by asking the right questions.

5 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS to ask at every medication-related healthcare visit… including your DOCTOR, NURSE, and PHARMACIST (To download a printable copy, click here):

    • Have any medications been ADDED, STOPPED, or CHANGED, and why?
    • What medications do I need to KEEP TAKING, and why?
    • Are there any medications that I could consider STOPPING?
    • How should I TAKE my medications?
    • How long should I use this medication for?
    • How will I know if my medication is WORKING?
    • What SIDE EFFECTS should I watch for?
    • Do I need any tests and when to I book my next visit?

Your pharmacist is your best resource when it comes to your medication, but they can help in other ways too! Another question to always ask:

  1. What ELSE can I do?
    • Medication is one piece of the puzzle There are many ways to help reach your goals, and often the biggest difference-makers are small changes in your day-to-day lifestyle!

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when managing your medications and health and it can be tempting to just talk about issues as they come up. It is especially hard to know if you are taking the right medication if you don’t know what your goals are.

To maximize the benefit you can get from your medications, make sure to book an appointment with your pharmacist at least once per year to review your medications and health goals. This will help you to stay organized and to keep your compass pointed in the right direction. After all, what’s more important than your health.

Book an appointment with your pharmacist today.