Therapeutic Substitution


If there is a medication that will have an equivalent effect as the one you take, but has an additional benefit for you then your pharmacist can perform an assessment to evaulate this. If appropriate, your pharmacist can prescribe and substitute your medication with another option.

Common reasons for substitution include: during a drug shortage, when a different medication will provide better outcomes for the patient, if there is an intolerance to a medication or an allergy, or to reduce the financial impact on a patient (choosing a lower priced alternative). 

Therapeutic substitution is an insured service for those who have a valid Nova Scotia Health Card when:

  • The beneficiary provides consent to authorize the pharmacist to make the therapeutic substitution.
  • The pharmacist performs an assessment with the paitent. 
  • Pharmacist is responsible for determining the appropriateness of the therapeutic substitution before performing the service.