Travel Health Counselling


The World Health Organization (WHO) advises all travellers to consult a healthcare professional at least four weeks before travelling.  However, even consultations taking place as late as the day of departure can be beneficial.

Pharmacists are ideal candidates to provide these consultations. They are accessible, work beyond regular business hours and have the authority to prescribe and administer most of the appropriate vaccinations for your trip. They can also provide you with advice on how to stay healthy during your trip.

Some pharmacists have completed additional training in the area of travel health and hold a Certificate in Travel HealthTM.

Topics that may be covered during a travel health consulation include:

  • travelers’ diarrhea
  • medications that prevent malaria
  • travel vaccinations
  • traveling at altitude
  • general advice on health and safety during travel
  • risks unique to the area of travel

Costs and availabilty of these consulations vary by pharmacy.