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Research Studies

Benefits of Pharmacist Care in Hypertension

Report: Benefits of pharmacist care in hypertension in Nova Scotia: click here

Report: Benefits of pharmacist care in hypertension in Canada: click here

Study: Cost-effectiveness of pharmacist care for managing hypertension in Canada: click here

Online Tool: click here


Canadian Pharmacists Journal

Abstract: A randomized trial of a community-based approach to dyslipidemia management: Pharmacist prescribing to achieve cholesterol targets (RxACT Study): click here

Conference Board of Canada Report

Report: The Value of Expanded Pharmacy Services in Canada: click here

Report: Getting the Most out of Community Pharmacy. Recommendations for Action: click here

The Value of Expanded Community Pharmacy Services Fact Sheet: click here


Diabetes and Endocrinology

Report: Pharmacist intervention for glycaemic control in the community (the RxING study): click here


Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Study: The Effectiveness of Pharmacist Interventions on Cardiovascular Risk: The Multicenter Randomized Controlled RxEACH Trial: click here


Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Waterloo News: Pharmacists could dramatically reduce ER visits: click here

Abstract: The proportion, conditions, and predictors of emergency department visits that can be potentially managed by pharmacists with expanded scope of practice: click here