Minor Ailment Assessment

What is involved in an assessment for a minor ailment? 

Make an appointment at your pharmacy for an assessment of a minor ailment. There is a fee for an appointment whether or not the pharmacist prescribes something for your condition. Assessment and prescribing for all minor ailments within the pharmacist’s scope of practice is available at CPPCC sites at no charge with a valid NS health card.

  • You will meet with the pharmacist in a private counseling room. The pharmacist will explain the process and obtain your consent to complete an assessment
  • The pharmacist will ask what medical conditions you have, what medications you take, what kind of symptoms you are having, and how long have you had them.
  • The pharmacist will make a recommendation for an over-the-counter medication or a prescription medication
    • If treatment for your condition falls outside of the pharmacist’s scope of practice, they will refer you to another healthcare provider.
  • If your pharmacist prescribes a medication, you can have your prescription filled at your pharmacy of choice
  • If you have another primary care provider, a record of your assessment will be forwarded to them for your patient file.
  • The pharmacist will call you a few days later to see how you feel. Depending on how you are doing, the pharmacist will tell you to continue your treatment, they will make a different recommendation, or refer you to another healthcare provider.