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Mar, 2018
Don't Know Where to Get a Prescription Renewed? Think Pharmacy.

Dartmouth, NS - Patients in Nova Scotia who do not have a family doctor or who may not be able to get to their doctor and need a prescription renewed have more options than ever before. Pharmacists in Nova Scotia can renew or extend prescriptions for their patients for many types of medications for up to 90 days, as needed.

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Mar, 2018
New Report Says 88 percent of Nova Scotians Are Concerned About Access to Health Care but Pharmacists Can Help


Dartmouth, NS – A survey of Nova Scotians conducted by Abacus Data last week has found that 77 per cent of the province’s residents say they are extremely concerned or very concerned about accessing health today and 88 percent are concerned about accessing health care in the future.

The same survey found that 87 percent of Nova Scotians either strongly agree or agree that the government should improve access to health care by making pharmacist health care services available in all pharmacies.

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Jan, 2018
The pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance agreement – better drug prices could create opportunity for improved health care in Nova Scotia

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January 29, 2018

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Apr, 2017
Nova Scotia’s Pharmacists Can Save the Health Care System Almost Half a Billion Dollars While Saving Lives At The Same Time – New Study

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Dartmouth, NS - A recent study shows that comprehensive care provided by pharmacists to patients with high blood pressure can increase patients’ life span while providing significant savings to the health care system.

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May, 2015
Pharmacy Association Of Nova Scotia (PANS) Position Statement Influenza Immunizations For Pharmacists
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Mar, 2015
Pharmacists: Trusted Care, When and Where you Need It

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Monday, March 2, 2015
Pharmacists Provide What You Need, When and Where You Need It


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Mar, 2013
Your Pharmacist is Doing More than Ever Before

For Immediate Release Sunday, March 3, 2013 

Your Pharmacist is Doing More than Ever Before


Dartmouth, NS – Have you ever felt that familiar tingling sensation in your lip, the tell-tale sign of a cold sore coming on, but not had the time to wait in a clinic for a prescription?  Pharmacists across Nova Scotia can help.

Cold sores are just one of 31 minor ailments in which pharmacist can assess and prescribe. From allergies to acid reflux, pharmacists can help you with many common conditions.  

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Mar, 2012
BE A.W.A.R.E: Pharmacists Can Help You "Butt Out"

For Immediate Release Friday, March 9, 2012

 BE A.W.A.R.E: Pharmacists Can Help You “Butt Out”

Dartmouth, NS – As Pharmacy Awareness enters its sixth day, pharmacists across Nova Scotia are urging patients to BE A.W.A.R.E and get a Basic Medication Review.

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