Committee Members 2022
Rose Dipchand (Chair)
Curtis Chafe
Ken Brownell
Angela Hazel
Andrew Buffett
Nicole Haley
Paula MacNeil
Leanne MacFarlane
Smita Patel
Diane Harpell

Committee Mandate

Policy Statement

The Board of Directors of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia (PANS) recognizes that it exists to promote and provide leadership and assistance to its members and that the oversight of economic and business-related  issues  are critical to the success of pharmacy in Nova Scotia.  Matters relating to economic and business related issues shall be assigned by the Board to the Economics Committee, whose mandate is set out below:

Overall Accountability

The Economics Committee shall be comprised of representatives of pharmacy organizations (chains, banners, multiple store independents) that operate at least 5 locations in Nova Scotia.  Each such organization is entitled to appoint one person to the Economics Committee.  In addition, the Board shall appoint 2 persons representing independent pharmacies in the province for terms of 2 years.  When a vacancy in an independent seat occurs, the Board shall solicit nominations from the membership of PANS.   The Chair of the Committee shall be a member of the Board of Directors of PANS.  A quorum of the Committee is a majority of its members.  The Committee shall meet at least three (3) times per year.  The Economics Committee shall:

  1. Foster positive working relationships with government departments and address economic and business-related issues pertaining to the provision of pharmacy services to beneficiaries of various government programs, including the negotiation of any pharmacy services agreement with the Nova Scotia government;
  2. Liaise with elected officials at all levels of government to address economic and business-related issues pertaining to the provision of pharmacy services in Nova Scotia;
  3. Address economic and corporate issues and bring pharmacy owners’ concerns to the Board of Directors;
  4. Foster positive working relations with private insurers/third party payors and to work toward the resolution of issues of concern between such parties and pharmacy;
  5. Identify significant issues of concern pertaining to government relations with pharmacy in Nova Scotia and to work with government in the mutually beneficial resolution of such issues;
  6. To identify and recommend to the Board of Directors new initiatives, proposals or services for pharmacy including an analysis of the economics of such activities and identify any research  or information required to support such programs;
  7. Encourage support, financial or otherwise, by pharmacy owners and managers for the work of the Association;
  8. Complete such other assignments related to economic and business issues  as directed by the Board of Directors;
  9. Periodically review the mandate of the Committee and make any recommended changes to the Board.

REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: The Committee shall report on its activities at each regular Board meeting and annually at each annual general meeting.