Chronic Disease Management

There are many ways pharmacists can help patients manage their Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, COPD, Chronic Pain, Mental Health, High Blood Pressure and other Cardiovascular/Heart issues.

Pharmacists :

  • Are a valuable source of information on your disease and the medications you are taking
  • They can provide guidance as your disease progresses
  • They monitoring for changes and can provide advice and adapt your treatments based on those changes
  • They can suggest non-medical approaches to dealing with your disease, such as lifestyle changes
  • They can provide device training (e.g. how to use a device that tests your blood sugar)
  • They can conduct Medication Reviews and developing actions plans with you to achieve your health goals
  • They collaborate with other Health Care Professionals
  • They provide guidance on taking medications regularly and appropriately


Pharmacy Services:

Medication Care Plans

Preventative Services and Health Coaching

Medication Reviews


Helpful Online Resources for Patients:

Nova Scotia Heart and Stroke Foundation

Heart Disease Risk Calculator

Health Canada - Information on Cardiovascular Disease

Canadian Diabetes Association

ABCs of Diabetes by Evans Health Lab

Asthma Society of Canada

The Lung Association

The Arthritis Society

Canadian Digestive Health Foundation