Committee Members 2021
Craig Wilkie (Chair)
Sarah Abidali
Zainab Abidali
Darlene Chisholm
Holly d'Entremont
Jane Fraser
Samantha Covert
Laurie Deal
Julia Green
Leah Heighton
Tanya Hamilton
Wayne Little
Colleen MacInnis
Paul Warren

Committee Mandate

Policy Statement

The Board of Directors of the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia (PANS) recognizes the importance of governance to PANS and is committed to ensuring an effective governance regime throughout the Association.  Matters relating to governance shall be assigned by the Board to the Governance Committee, whose mandate is set out below:

Overall Accountability

The Governance Committee will be composed of at least three members of PANS.  The Chair of the Committee shall be a member of the Board of Directors of PANS.  A quorum of the Committee is a majority of its members.  The Committee shall meet at least three (3) times per year.  The Governance Committee shall:

(1)    Draft clear and concise policy statements from decisions taken by the Board where such decisions are intended to become Board policy;

(2)    Oversee the administrative activities associated with maintaining an effective policy governance system, including the establishment of a policy review schedule.

(3)    Make recommendations as to director qualifications and board governance generally as may appropriate for like organizations;

(4)    Make recommendations with respect to the use, structure and membership committees;

(5)    Assess the performance of the Board and its members;

(6)    Provide leadership in the development of directors by recommending training and development in the areas that the committee deems necessary;

(7)    Periodically review the by-laws of the Association and make recommendations for change as deemed appropriate to the Board of Directors;

(8)    Periodically review the mandate of the Committee and make any recommended changes to the Board.

REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: The Committee shall report on its activities at each regular Board meeting.