Committee Members 2022
Colleen MacInnis (Chair)
Paul Goodyear
Tammy Wiseman
Jennifer Isenor
Susan Halliday Mahar
Allison Harvey
Pam Kennedy
Andrew Quinn
Janet MacMullin
Sarah Boudreau 
Lisa Levangie
Jacqueline Funder
Tasnim Nashnoush 
Robin Ogilvie
Devin Farmer
Stephen Peddle
Shannon Rizzato 
Diane Harpell

Committee Mandate

Policy Statement

PANS believes that pharmacy is an essential part of the Nova Scotia healthcare system and both community and hospital practice should be respected and fully integrated into the Nova Scotia healthcare system.  Furthermore, PANS respects and supports the diversity of our members and the patients they serve. Pharmacy practice activities undertaken by PANS shall consider and respect such diversity. Matters relating to the professional aspects of pharmacy practice shall be assigned by the Board to the Pharmacy Practice Committee, whose mandate is set out below:

Overall Accountability

The Pharmacy Practice Committee shall be composed of at least five members of PANS.  In seeking nominations and in the selection of committee members, the Board shall consider the diversity of the PANS membership and strive to reflect that diversity on the committee.  The Chair of the Committee shall be a member of the Board of Directors of PANS.  A quorum of the Committee is a majority of its members.  The Committee shall meet at least three (3) times per year.  The Committee shall:

  1. Provide advice as requested by the Board on subjects affecting the professional aspects of pharmacy practice;
  2. Investigate, analyze and advise on issues that affect, or have the potential to affect, the professional aspects of pharmacy practice, including issues of diversity, discrimination and bias;
  3. Develop guidelines, standards and/or position statements, in consultation with the Board, related to professional practice issues that impact pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and/or the public;
  4. Advise on potential research programs and activities that the committee deems necessary to support the professional role of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians;
  5. Advise on professional matters, programs and activities that could be undertaken to promote the professional development of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and/or assist the profession in realizing its full potential in the health care system;
  6. Work with such other committees and professional organizations as required to give effect to items 1-5 above.  Such groups shall include but not be limited to the: economics and membership committee, CSHP, NSCP, CPhA, NPAC and CAPT; and
  7. Periodically review the mandate of the Committee and make any recommended changes to the Board.

REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: The Committee shall report on its activities at each regular Board meeting.