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Mar, 2020
Nova Scotia Pharmacies Limiting Prescription Fills to A 30-Day Supply





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Mar, 2020
Pharmacies Have Increased Access to Healthcare in Nova Scotia

DARTMOUTH, N.S. – Thousands of Nova Scotians have accessed healthcare at their community pharmacy since the new year.

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Oct, 2019
CCDP Final Evaluation Results

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Sep, 2019
May, 2019
2019 Wage and Benefits Survey Results

The 2019 Wage and Benefits Survey Results are now available.

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Mar, 2019
Access to Healthcare Concerns are Rising in Nova Scotia: New Study

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – A new study by Abacus Data has found that Nova Scotians’ concerns about access to healthcare in the province has increased 16 points since 2018. Of Nova Scotians surveyed, 86 percent expressed concerns about being able to access healthcare.  One-third of those surveyed said they were extremely concerned.


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Feb, 2019
What goes on behind the counter?
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Feb, 2019
ReThink Pharmacy - Phrmacy Awareness Month 2019



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