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Feb, 2016
From Holiday Makers to Volunteer Aid Workers - Pharmacist Helps Them Stay Healthy

It's all about what activities you are participating in when preparing to have a healthy trip abroad, says pharmacist Cheryl Hoddinott who has a Certificate in Travel HealthTM.

Although you may think that it's the country you are travelling to, which is important, that makes the biggest difference when planning to prevent illness when travelling, it's more about what you are doing that will affect the advice that Cheryl gives her patients.

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Feb, 2016
Meet the Pharmacist Mastermind that Can Help Make Your Vacation Healthy and Safe - Lisa Woodill

She's been called the mastermind behind the growing travel health clinics in the Sobeys Pharmacy group but her reasons for her interest in travel health are far from devious.

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Feb, 2016
It's All About Her Community for Pharmacist Candice Norton

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager Candice Norton first decided she wanted to be a pharmacy manager while studying pharmacy at Dalhousie University. The leadership role appealed to her because it would give her the chance to implement ideas she had developed for providing extended pharmacy services to her community. A year and a half ago, she was able to achieve her goal by becoming the pharmacy manager at Sobeys Baker Drive, Dartmouth.

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Jan, 2016
Pharmacy Awareness Month 2016


#inDISPENSEable - An Introduction for Pharmacies

Please click here for eveything you need to know about Pharmacy Awareness Month 2016.


#inDIPSENSEable Contest Rules

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Jan, 2016

The following is a list of resources to assist you with your Syrian Refugee patients:  

Information on support and background to the migrant refugee crisis : https://www.fip.org/emergencies

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Sep, 2015
2015 Annual Report

The PANS 2015 Annual Report and Financial Statements can be downloaded here:

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Mar, 2015
Thoughts From the Chair - PAM 2015

Pharmacy Awareness Month 2015

 As you read this, we are successfully completing the second week of Pharmacy Awareness Month (PAM).

 Did you used to let Pharmacy Awareness Week (PAW) slide because it was only a week!? Be honest! Well, now you have no excuse. You have a full month to proudly promote all the great things you do for your patients throughout the year.

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Jan, 2015
Thoughts from the Chair: January 2015

PANS Chair Sandeep Sodhi gives his thoughts on the Marketplace story.

As I think every pharmacist in Canada knows, CBC finally aired their Marketplace story on pharmacy errors last Friday evening.  I did not want to get involved in making too many comments or opinions until the piece aired, hoping that maybe the report would be balanced and informative, recognizing that errors do happen from time but that the number of errors is very small and that pharmacists have, and always, put the patient first.

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