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Aug, 2014
The Pharmacist - August 2014

Included in this issue: Cognitive Skills – A New Direction ~ Board of Directions: Election 2014 ~ Vital Signs: Elder Abuse Awareness for Healthcare Professionals ~ 50th Annual Dalhousie Pharmacy Refresher and PANS Annual Conference ~ CPhA Governance Changes ~ Crunching the Numbers: Your Membership Pays for Itself ~ Dal CPE Update ~ Drug Information Systems (DIS) Update ~ Employment Opportunities ~ Estate Planning: How to Use Wills and Trusts ~ Links of Interest ~ Lower Auto Insurance On the Way ~ Members Benefits: Two New Partners ~ Pharmacists’ Addiction Assistance Program

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May, 2014
The Pharmacist - May 2014

Included in this issue: Ask an Advisor: Charitable Giving with Life Insurance ~ Medications and the Liver – A Primer for Pharmacists ~Why Should Pharmacists be Up-to-Date with their Vaccinations? ~ Cancer Care Nova Scotia: Oral Drugs Used for Cancer Treatment- An Area for Improvement and Development in Community Pharmacy Practice ~ DAL CPE Update ~ DIS Update ~ Employment Opportunities ~How Tires Can Save Your Life – TD Insurance Meloche Monnex ~Legal View: Employee vs Sub-contractor: Is There a Difference? ~Links of Interest

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Mar, 2014
Spring 2014 TV Campaign
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Feb, 2014
Pharmacist Awareness Month 2014

Medication Reviews: Webpage Link

Chronic Health Condition Management: Webpage Link

Immunizations: Webpage Link

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Feb, 2014
Pharmacy Awareness Month 2014 - The Pharmacist is In - Materials

Materials developed for Pharmacy Awareness Month 2014 are below.


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Feb, 2014
Pharmacy Awareness Month 2014 - Immunizations

Article: Immunizations – Convenient, Quick and Close

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Feb, 2014
Pharmacy Awareness Month 2014 - Medication Reviews

Medication Reviews are an excellent opportunities to review your medications (prescription and over the counter) in a private, confidential and uninterrupted session with a medication specialist.

There are two types of Medication Reviews that are offered by pharmacists in Nova Scotia: Basic and Advanced.

Basic Medication Review

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